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Investigative Solutions

Committed to providing the best Investigative Solution for our clients.

Our Services

At The Investigators Group Inc. you will find experienced, discreet and reliable professionals ready to provide your Investigative Solution.


Investigative Solutions for Insurance claims, investigations and litigation.


Professionally trained uniformed security guards for all security applications.


Investigative Solutions for corporate, civil, family and criminal proceedings.

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The Investigators Group is committed to providing the best Investigative Solution for our clients.

With over 20 years of experience, we help companies protect their assets and integrity.  Our corporate services include helping to detect employee misconduct, fraudulent workplace disability claims and crime. We can conduct pre-employment screening, corporate monitoring, and much more.

Find out how we can help you. 


About Us

About The Investigators Group

The Investigators Group Inc. was established in Toronto in 1995. We serve the legal, insurance and corporate communities as well as individuals through our civil and executive services. Our firm is, and all of our investigators are, customer services oriented.

We are here to provide your Investigative Solution.  Whether it is the protection of assets, reduction of risk, reduction of costs, increase in productivity or access to information and evidence, we can provide the appropriate Investigative Solution. Why not give us a call?


Describe your situation using our online consultation request form.

what clients say about us

Security Services

IGI really made a change for the better in the quality of security service that we provide to our residents.

-Downtown Condo Board Director

Investigative Solutions

The Investigators Group allowed us to reduce insurance claim fraud by 60% in our department over the last 3 years.

-IDK Insurance Group

Customer Service

Management at The Investigators Group is always available to listen to our cases and give them the attention required for a timely and humane resolution.

-Director of Claims, Tower Corp

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